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Diamond Core Shower Base

Diamond Core Shower Base

Introducing, Diamond Core ™. Durable, customizable and with the affordability that won’t break the bank.


We have tested, Diamond Core. With over 400 psi and not one crack. It is the clear winner.


Whatever your dimensions, we can customize your Diamond Core Base to fit perfectly, and shipped right where you need it delivered.


Easy, non-slip surface is easy to clean. Prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the material.

Simple Color Selection

We make decision making easy. Diamond Core comes in White.


Diamond Core® was created to fill the need that was not available in the industry. A durable, beautiful Shower Base that won’t break the bank.


Because we are able to fabricate to specifications, there are no issues with seams. Built to last, Diamond Core has no issues with seams and grout.

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